Hyperstop is a management consultancy for the age of complexity in advertising.

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The Hyperstop Philosophy

  1. The mobile experience is central to everything.
  2. The intersection of media, advertising and technology has become infuriatingly complicated.
  3. The “me too” philosophy in media is failing users and customers.
  4. We’re not for everyone.


Average yearly-revenue of our clients in the past year.


How the majority of our clients happily use us again.

what we do

At Hyperstop, we explain advertising with expert knowledge and unparalleled clarity through the understanding that mobile is a disruption to everything.

We design and create Hyperstop Briefings, an unique research driven analysis of the incredibly complicated world of digital advertising.

Based on our expert experience from working with the world’s best brands and from within advertising agencies, ad-tech companies, publishers and bootstrapped startups; we distill ideas into briefings that are accessible to any audience.

Hyperstop Briefings are used by the c-suite to inform employees, partners, the board and most importantly, customers. Because of our insights, speed, information design and exceptional quality, our clients have consistently chosen to renew.

We are experts in programmatic, mobile advertising, publisher monetization, media planning and media buying.

Understanding media now requires understanding business models, emerging technologies, data-science methodologies and ethnography. With knowledge sharing accelerating the ability to mimic ideas, customers are demanding original innovation regardless of the challenges or complexity.

By being curious at understanding today’s complexities, we equip clients to understand what will happen tomorrow.

Hyperstop Briefings come in three types:

The Hyperstop Briefing

Gain insight, an unique perspective and or proprietary data-points.

Past Project Briefings:

“The tension in Mobile Programmatic from Branding to Direct-Response”

"An Innovator Framework for Programatic Advertising Companies"

“How Apple Pay will Win the Long Game”

"Understanding Millennial Luxury”

“How Criteo will blitz the market with header bidding”

Stress Test Briefing

Analyze product, service and or product marketing gaps.

Past Stress Testing Sprints:

“Evaluate ad-tech marketing materials for media agencies and advertisers”

“State of the Company Analysis”

“How does our ESP product marketing stand up to other marketing clouds?”

Turnaround Briefing

Create a fix for dysfunctional products, services and teams.

Past Projects:

“How can we make our mobile marketing value-prop to stand out?”

"Ways to make our mobile e-commerce become luxurious”

“Setup a MVP Feature Set for Native Ads”

Our team of independent consultants are leaders in their field and help contribute cutting-edge expertise into our focused disciplines: creative and research.


  • Visual Designers
  • UX Designers
  • Web/iOS Developers
  • Storytelling & Video Production Crews


  • Agency & Ad Tech Veterans
  • Media Buyers
  • Economists
  • Data Scientists

When our clients ask us to explain complex ideas in the simplest possible way, we’ve always turned to our expertise in video. So we’ve created a business unit within Hyperstop dedicated to the creation of video and we call it:
Pylons is a video lab for tech companies to show their best possible story. Learn More


“Hyperstop was fantastic at helping us focus our ideas on design and turning them into how we can apply our branding and product merchandising into a fantastic mobile experience.”

Melissa Mash
Founder, CEO Dagne Dover

“Hyperstop helped us clarify our go-to-market story and help our sellers increase our sales with great design and marketing materials. From marketing our programmatic offerings to articulating our long history, they’ve been flat out awesome.”

Rob Holiber
VP Digital Sales The Daily News


Johnny Won

Managing Director of Hyperstop
Veteran of Agencies, Ad-Tech & Startups
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